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Welcome to Lemon Design Editing!


I'm Stephanie and I absolutely LOVE to decorate, (bargain) shop and rearrange rooms! I have been Design Editing for family and friends my ENTIRE life! I love working with clients to help them along their design journey. Creating fresh, inviting spaces that reflect my clients' personality and lifestyle is truly my passion! 


Most clients I work with have great ideas, great taste and great intentions but for all kinds of reasons, they just don't love their spaces! That's where I come in! 


I will work with you to create a fresh, cohesive, beautiful space because I want you to fall in love with your home! Afterall, you want your home to reflect who are and what you believe about the life you are deserve it!


One of my favorite things to do is shop my client's homes for items we can re-use, repurpose or reclaim! I just love it when I hear a client say "I totally forgot about that!" or "I never would have thought I could put that there!" or even better, "I LOVE that! Where did you find it?"


I offer interior design services for REAL people. Lemon Design Editing was born because I believe that everyone, can and should, have a home they truly love! 

Live Beautifully!

XO, Steph




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