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January Things: Organizing + Intentions


The Christmas chaos is packed away and routines have returned to normal...NOW what? We purge, we organize and set new intentions with the idea of making daily life EASIER! Who's with me?!

The biggest tip I have is: start small! Don't get overwhelmed thinking the entire house needs to be moved into a huge pile and set on fire in your driveway. Simply start with one closet or cabinet. Empty everything out (yes, everything!) and sort items into three groups: Keep, Donate, Done. Next, set a timer...and just go! If you haven't used it OR you don't love it, say BUH-BYE!

Once I've done all the hard work, I like to reward myself! Things like new hangers, new storage baskets or drawer organizers help me stay motivated to maintain all the new glorious order! But this year I treated myself to a new book I've been wanting, Home Body by Joanna Gaines. It's pretty, inspiring and I just love learning what other people do to create peaceful living in their homes. (Ok, fine...I did pick up a few other things too!)

I don't know about you but I feel like I'm constantly organizing my pantry. My family doesn't seem to have the urgency that I do on this topic...go figure! It's been especially messy over the last three weeks with my fraternity-living-college-son home for the Holiday. (WOW.) But that's another story! I do have a system!

My pantry is stocked with clear, labeled containers, baskets and bins. Snacks/kid snacks, cereals, baking items, canned goods, liquids and grains are all represented. Making the decision to invest in quality containers was totally WORTH it! Recently, I found these gold clips! I replaced the plastic clips I was using on tortilla chip bags and other bagged items that aren't stored in containers. I also like to use clips in my office to organize paperwork and projects that I'm working on. So cute!

When I cleaned out my fridge last week, I removed the shelves, gave them a deep clean and put them back in a new configuration. It's nice to mix things up with a fresh feel. In doing this, I made space to add a Lazy Susan. I LOVE IT! It's tidy and makes access easy and quick. I use Lazy Susan's in the panty and under the bathroom sinks too!

Getting organized in the kitchen was a logical start for me this year because I decided to eat plant-based and GO VEGAN for the month of January! I have never done this before and I'm excited to be learning so many new things about food, my body and most importantly, how I FEEL. I don't think it will be easy but I've noticed most things in life worth doing, aren't easy at FIRST! They do become easier over time with intention, dedication and self-discipline! Alright, 2019...we've got this!

Live Beautifully!

Xo, Steph

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